Architectural Acoustic Consulting Services

Enteknograte Corp. has become an industry leader through our wide range of experience in advanced simulation-based design procedures, and our cutting-edge architectural acoustic consulting services. Enteknograte conducts field sound level certifications for architects, engineers, surveyors, developers, flooring contractors, and various governmental agencies, as well compliance testing for new equipment, community noise, and industrial noise per ASTM and ANSI standards.
  • Sound measurements to determine the existing reverberation time (RT) of rooms and evaluate sound absorption of the rooms
  • Acoustical testing simulation including Sound Transmission Class (STC) and impact (FIIC) testing of residential and commercial properties and Noise Criterion testing of background noise in rooms
  • Reviewing architecture plans and details to determine potential acoustic conditions of the space and evaluate the building envelope for noise isolation from exterior noise sources
  • Acoustical treatment options to optimize reverberation time
  • Mechanical equipment noise control guidelines
  • Design noise criteria for noise sensitive spaces
  • Sound isolations between noise sensitive spaces
  • Vibration isolations for mechanical equipment
Acoustics is the key to success for many buildings and building spaces, and it shall be carefully considered for a space to function well. When acoustic considerations are applied to a building, not only it will increase a space’s functionality, but also add tremendous value to the building. We own state-of-the-art simulation-based design softwares and can perform an array of acoustical tests simulation, including Field IIC and STC , Noise Criteria testing, Reverberation Time (RT60) testing, as well compliance testing for new equipment, community noise, and industrial noise per ASTM and ANSI standards.

Environmental noise

Environmental noise is defined as the unwanted or harmful outdoor sound created by human activity, such as noise was emitted through transport, road traffic rail traffic, air traffic and industrial activity. World Health Organization (WHO) identifies that noise pollution is an increasing problem but has not really been taken seriously enough by the people who have tended to prioritiseother seemingly more pressing environmental issues. Environmental noise poses a risk to people’s health and quality of life because it can lead to physical and physiological effects.


When it comes to discussing solutions for our clients, we show our work. We use all available tools during the design phase , comparative auralization, digital analysis and go one step further by correlating those tools with an evaluation by ear. The simulation-based design with advanced acoustics environment simulation softwares, enable us to present real-world sound and noise inside and outside of buildings. We speak all the languages of actors, artists, engineers, and designers.

Enteknograte Architectural Building Room Acoustics Noise Design Consultant Service Comsol Odeon Actran Ansys Simulia Revit
Enteknograte Architectural Building Room Acoustics Noise Design Consultant Service Comsol Odeon Actran Ansys Simulia Revit

Sound Isolation

Structural Acoustics analyzes noise transmission from building exterior envelope to interior and vice versa, as well as noise transmission from one room to another within the building environment. Inadequate acoustical isolation may lead to elevated sound levels within the space which reduces privacy, comfort level and concentration ability; severely limits speech intelligibility and has implications for noise health effects. Primary noise paths often include roofs, ceilings, eaves, walls, windows, doors, room partitions, as well as flanking, ducting and other penetrations. Sufficient noise containment control ensures space functionality and is often required by local municipal codes.

Before the design drawings, we will develop 3D simulation of the interior acoustics. The simulation model will be used to predict, through calculation, the expected levels of reverberation. The predicted acoustic characteristics will be evaluated with respect to the reverberation criteria to address speech intelligibility or musical quality if applicable. Where necessary, we will provide recommendations to optimize the interior acoustics and sound system performance with regard to the location and specification of interior surface treatments.


We pride ourselves on empowering each client to overcome the challenges of their most demanding projects.

Enteknograte offers a Virtual Engineering approach with FEA tools such as MSC Softwrae(Simufact, Digimat, Nastran, MSC APEX, Actran Acoustic solver), ABAQUS, Ansys, and LS-Dyna, encompassing the accurate prediction of in-service loads, the performance evaluation, and the integrity assessment including the influence of manufacturing the components.
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