Mathematical Simulation and Development: CFD and FEA based Fortran, C++, Matlab and Python Programming

Calling upon our wide base of in-house capabilities covering strategic and technical consulting, engineering, manufacturing and analytical software development – we offer each of our clients the individual level of support they are looking for, providing transparency, time savings and cost efficiencies.
Enteknograte engineers participate in method development, advanced simulation work, software training and support. Over experiences in engineering consulting and design development, enables Enteknograte’s engineering team to display strong/enormous client focus and engineering experience. Enteknograte team supports engineering communities to leverage CFD-FEA simulation softwares and develop methodologies with Mathematical Simulation and Development based on Fortran, C++, Matlab and Python Programming. It leads to the creation of tailored solutions, aligned with the overall product development process of Enteknograte clients.

NASA transonic rotor 37 Aerodynamics CFD Simulation Design Axial Compressor Ansys Fluent Siemens Star-ccm Numeca Fine Turbo MSC Nastran CFX
Turbine Nozzle Stress and Temperature distribution Fatigue Coupled CFD FEA CHT Ansys Fluent Abaqus Nastran Openfoam Siemens Star-ccm
Car and vehicle Finite Element Simulation Crash Test Crashworthiness Ls-Dyna Abaqus PAM-CRASH
Matlab, Fortran, Python CFD FEA Abaqus , Ansys

CFD and FEA based Fortran, C++, Matlab and Python Programming

Considering complexity and needs to have new procedure and constitutive equation, we must try to develop new FEA and CFD based software to overcome engineering challenges.

FEA and CFD based Programming needs experience and deep knowledge in both Solid or fluid mechanics and programming language such as Matlab, Fortran, C++ and Python.

Enteknograte’s engineering team use advanced methodology and procedure in programming and correct constitutive equation in solid, fluid and multiphysics environment based on our clients needs.

We use subroutine’s with programming languages such as Fortan, C and Python in CFD and FEA sofware such as Abaqus, Ansys, Fluent and Star-ccm+ to add new capability and Constitutive equation.

Enteknograte use Mathematical Methods and Models for Engineering Simulation. We, focuses on numerical modelling and algorithms development for the solution of challenging problems in several engineering sectors specialized in the development of software for the numerical discretization of partial differential equations, linear algebra, optimization, data analysis, High Performance Computing for several engineering applications.

Abaqus, Ansys Fluent, Star-ccm+, Ls-dyna, Matlab, fortran , C++, Python

Mathematical Development

Using Programming languages such as C++, Python, Fortran and Matlab, our engineers can develop new packages for Finite Element and Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulation based on your needs. From Heat Transfer simulation to Fracture Mechanics of advanced and specialized Materials, We can create Matlab, C, Fortran or Python based software to calculate our clients target parameters. Also we can add special abilities to FEA and CFD software with subroutines and programming based on our client needs in very short time.

Vehicle Car and Truck Acoustics Simulation Design Abaqus , Ansys, Matlab, Fortran, Python CFD, FEA
Abaqus , Ansys, Matlab, Fortran, Python CFD, FEA
Abaqus , Ansys, Matlab, Fortran, Python CFD, FEA

Real world Simulation: Combination of experience and advanced analysis tools

metal forming simulation: ansys abaqus simufact forming
Metal Forming Simulation
Automotive Engineering: Powertrain Component Development, NVH, Combustion and Thermal simulation, Abaqus, Ansys, Ls-dyna, Siemens Star-ccm Enteknograte
Crash Test and Crashworthiness
Finite Element and CFD Based Simulation of Casting esi procast
Finite Element and CFD Based Simulation of Casting
Fluid Structure Interaction FSI with Ansys Abaqus, Fluent Star-ccm Comsol
Hydrodynamics CFD simulation, Coupled with FEA for FSI Analysis of Marine and offshore structures
Fluid Strucure Interaction
Exhaust Acoustics and vibration: ESI va one, msc actran, abaqus, ansys, fluent, star-ccm , nastran
Acoustics & Vibration
Additive Manufacturing: FEA Based Design and Optimization with Abaqus, ANSYS and Nastran
Additive Manufacturing: FEA Based Design and Optimization with Abaqus, ANSYS and Nastran
MultiObjective Design and Optimization of Turbomachinery: OpenFoam, Code-Aster, Salome Meca, Ansys Fluent, Numeca fine turbo, Siemens star-ccm+, simulia abaqus, Ls-dyna, Matlab
MultiObjective Design and Optimization of Turbomachinery
CFD Heat Thermal simulation: OpenFoam, Code-Aster, Salome Meca, Abaqus, Ansys Fluent, Star-ccm+, Ls-dyna, Matlab
CFD Heat Transfer Analysis: CHT, one-way FSI and two way thermo-mechanical FSI