FEA & CFD based-Design Optimization of VTOL, e-VTOL and UAM - Urban Air Mobility

The VTOL, e-VTOL and UAM market is constantly changing and evolving, so maintaining a competitive edge both within the industry and supporting mission effectiveness requires significant research and development activities. Enteknograte offers the industry’s most complete simulation solution for vertical-takeoff-and-landing (VTOL) aircraft. Our research and development procedure has required a blend of qualities such as ambition, drive and commitment as well as more tangible assets such as specialist engineering skills, rapid development through simulation techniques, supreme electronics expertise and a ruthless quest for performance and reliability.

The level of partnership and support for Developing a leading edge VTOL, e-VTOL and UAM system FEA and CFD simulations that our customers get is just as important to us. We are investing time and resources to ensure customers receive support and service that is of the same, highest possible standards as the reliability and performance.

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Increase efficiency, reduce noise, costs, and time-to-market of rotorcraft and eVTOL vehicles with an integrated design, simulation and optimization process

  • Leverage an integrated design and analysis process to develop preliminary VTOL aircraft designs that maximize propulsion efficiency in hover, maximize aerodynamic efficiency in cruise and minimize noise over the entire flight envelope.
  • Use high-fidelity fluid dynamics simulation in an optimization loop to maximize propulsion efficiency and minimize noise in hover.
  • Reduce blade-vortex interaction and loads acting on the control surfaces during conversion.
  • Design for low-noise manuevers.
  • Analyze the acoustic impact in a urban environment during take-off and landing.
  • Reduce product development costs and reduce time-to-market using digital simulations to predict performance early in the design cycle rather than physical tests in the late stages of development

Vibroacoustics performance assessment of aircraft panels in low, mid and high frequency regimes

A true VTOL system design has complex challenges, particularly designing for a high thrust for hover while also reducing drag for cruise. In simple terms, you are designing a helicopter and forward-flying aircraft in the same product.

Vibroacoustic (VA) characteristics, namely sound transmission loss, overall sound pressure levels of aircraft panels made up of different materials such as aluminum, composites and fiber metal laminates can be analyzed with optimization approach for aircraft panels.

The investigation involves modeling of aircraft panels using finite element method (FEM) for low frequency, Boundary Element Method (BEM) for mid-frequency and statistical energy analysis (SEA) in high-frequency bands. To obtain the VA characteristics of the panels, twin chambers, namely source and receiver are numerically modeled, and the panels are placed in between them. This numerical study helps in understanding the VA behavior of aircraft materials and also minimizes the cost and time involved in conducting experiments.

VTOL e-VTOL UAM crashworthiness design Finite Element Simulation Crash Test MSC dytran Ls-Dyna Abaqus PAM-CRASH
VTOL e-VTOL UAM aerodynamics - Electric Vertical Take-Off & Landing CFD FEA Acoustics Crash Ansys Abaqus Nastran Siemens MSC Hexagon 2

Real world Simulation: Combination of experience and advanced analysis tools

Calling upon our wide base of in-house capabilities covering strategic and technical consulting, engineering, manufacturing and analytical software development – we offer each of our clients the individual level of support they are looking for, providing transparency, time savings and cost efficiencies.
Enteknograte engineers participate in method development, advanced simulation work, software training and support. Over experiences in engineering consulting and design development, enables Enteknograte’s engineering team to display strong/enormous client focus and engineering experience. The Enteknograte team supports engineering communities to leverage CFD-FEA simulation softwares and methodologies. It leads to the creation of tailored solutions, aligned with the overall product development process of Enteknograte clients.

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CAE Simulation: CFD, FEA, System Modeling, 1D-3D coupling

Integrated expertise covering every Equipment component analysis. From concept through to manufacture and product launch, and for new designs or Equipment modifications, we provide engineering simulation expertise across projects of all sizes. Simulation has become a key enabling factor in the development of highly competitive and advanced Equipment systems. CAE methods play a vital role in defining new Equipment concepts.


We pride ourselves on empowering each client to overcome the challenges of their most demanding projects.

Enteknograte engineering team use advanced CAE software with special features for mixing the best of both FEA tools and CFD solvers: CFD codes such as MSC Cradle, Ansys Fluent, Siemens StarCCM+, OpenFoam and FEA Codes such as ABAQUS, Ansys, Nastran, LS-Dyna and Actran for Acoustics and VibroAcoustics simulations.