Finite element analysis for Earthquake engineering: Structural, Soil and Rocks dynamics

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For many non-standard structures, a proper earthquake design requires a dynamic finite element analysis. For simple assessment, a linear analysis in frequency domain may be sufficient. However, for other applications, the full nonlinear characteristics of possible failure mechanisms and interaction of the structure with ground and environment need to be considered in a nonlinear time stepping analysis. Enteknograte offers solutions for both simple linear dynamic analysis, which can be applied for the design of structures, and also full nonlinear dynamic analysis taking into account the loading history of the structure.

Types of Earthquake Analysis

  • Linear transient analysis with different time integration schemes
  • Direct frequency response analysis
  • Modal response analysis & Spectral response analysis
  • Nonlinear transient analysis with different time integration schemes
  • Hybrid frequency-time domain analysis
  • Pushover load & Pushover analysis
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New structures in earthquake sensitive areas are designed to sustain earthquakes without danger of damage or collapse. But if the condition of the structure has been unidentifiably changed, eg. by damage to the structure, deterioration of materials or altered loading, then the effect on earth- quake resistance may be significantly altered.

Finite element analysis for Earthquake engineering include:

  • Discrete and Smeared crack models with fixed and rotating cracks
  • Nonlinear dynamic soil-structure interaction analysis of dock walls and associated structures to demonstrate safety under extreme seismic loading
  • Large scale 3D analysis of reinforced concrete water retaining structures under seismic loading. Full lift-off, sliding and SSI effects considered
  • Seismic design checking to Eurocode
  • Seismic design check of a viscous damped road bridge
  • Seismic analysis of a compacted mass concrete dam
  • Seismic response analysis of a major bridge crossing
  • Dynamic assessment for a cooling tower
  • Geomechanics of Oil & Gas Reservoirs
  • Stability Analysis of Mines
  • Monopile Foundations for Offshore Wind
  • Assessment of viaduct structures on a major high speed railway
  • High speed train resonance study for a span masonry arch structure
  • Dynamic stability analysis of a slender plate girder bridge
  • Dynamic response analysis of a long span steel bridge
  • Slab and wall Seismic analysis for an underground swimming pool
  • Dynamic SSI analysis of foundations
  • LNG concrete containment tank Seismic analyses


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