Automotive Engineering: Powertrain Component Development, NVH, Combustion and Thermal simulation

Simulation and analysis of complex systems is at the heart of the design process and is key to achieving truly optimised components in Automotive Engineering. We focus on strategic use of CAE to Optimise Designs, investigate and resolve problems, and minimise time and cost to market. Advanced geartrain modelling and analysis software packages, provides the foundation of concept and definitive design for all driveline and transmission projects that we undertake.
Enteknograte engineering team use advanced CAE software with special features for mixing the best of both FEA tools and CFD solvers: CFD codes such as Ansys FluentStarCCM+  for Combustion and flows simulation and FEA based Codes such as ABAQUS, AVL Excite, LS-Dyna and the industry-leading fatigue Simulation technology such as Simulia FE-SAFE, Ansys Ncode Design Life to calculate fatigue life of Welding, Composite, Vibration, Crack growth, Thermo-mechanical fatigue and MSC Actran and ESI VA One for Acoustics simulations. With combination of deep knowledge and experience in sophisticated FEA and CFD based design tools, Enteknograte engineers can solve any problem with any level of complexity in Automotive Engineering.

Enteknograte Simulation services in Automotive Engineering, Powertrain Component Development, NVH, Combustion and Thermal simulation include:

  • Engine Simulation Technologies including steady-state, semi-anechoic and highly-dynamic Simulation beds with road-load simulation and constant-volume sampler systems
  • Base engine Simulation beds adapted to address project requirements –include specialist capabilities such as ’tilt’ where engines may be subjected to dynamic and static inclination in loaded and unloaded conditions
  • Performance and emission Simulation using the latest advanced tools and techniques including automated mapping and design of experiments
  • For driveline and transmission Simulation, we provide two- and four-wheel drive fully dynamic electrical rigs; an anechoic Simulation chamber; and gearshift Durability, functionality and lubrication development rigs
  • Chassis dynamometers covering a range of FEA and CFD simulation from emission and durability to noise, vibration and harshness (NVH), addressing applications including motorcycles, scooters and small commercial vehicles
  • Rig systems to support development on components and sub-assemblies
  • Particle size and number measurement
  • After-treatment and fuels and lubricants Simulation
  • Training and support for clients’ Simulation engineering teams.
Crash Test Simulation

Powertrain Engineering

Enteknograte is an expert partner to the automotive and mobility industry for the development of innovative powertrain systems. The need for CO₂ reduction, the increasing complexity of new powertrain systems, and a requirement to achieve the highest possible level of process efficiency – along with the need to quickly launch new models – are some of the key challenges facing the automotive industry now and for the foreseeable future.

From diesel engines to electric drives, from alternative fuels to control, from transmissions to batteries, we have been working to design and optimize new challenging process to obtain new standards criteria and even more than it. Unique synergies with Enteknograte experience and combination of Advanced Simulation Technologies enable the development of highly creative, mature and application-specific solutions to enable our customers to meet their future market challenges.

Enteknograte offers best software solution and combination of the solutions, features and validated simulation methods dedicated to combustion system and engine component development, enabling superior engine performance.

NVH & Acoustics for Powertrain

The global demand for more eco-friendly vehicles compels automotive OEMs and suppliers to develop fuel-efficient internal combustion engines. While fuel economy measures positively impact the emission of greenhouse gasses, it inevitably affects the vehicle’s noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) and acoustic behavior.

Weight reduction and downsized turbocharged engines might increase torsional excitation causing low frequency driveline NVH issues when integrating the driveline into the vehicle. In addition, new energy management systems such as cylinder deactivation systems and start-stop systems can cause new transient NVH phenomena. These new complex NVH issues need to be addressed on top of the typical engine-related NVH topics, such as engine radiation, gearbox rattle, whine, judder, clunk, fuel slosh, intake and exhaust noise, and auxiliary noises.

With advanced Multi-Body Dynamics (MBD) in coupled with CFD and FEA packages, Enteknograte help manufacturers save time and cost to diagnose, analyze and resolve driveline NVH and drivability issues while balancing fuel economy, drivability, NVH and ride comfort, and increasing the efficiency of the NVH development process by using advanced specialized packages like AVL and Ricardo.

Flow, Combustion and Emission

1D-3D coupling are the industry’s first choice when reliable results are needed for engine thermodynamics and combustion/emissions development. The intelligent integration of these two software tools facilitates solutions for complex tasks early in the development phase and provides unparalleled accuracy during the detailed design phase by global CAE leaders. With 1D-3D coupling, we deliver a solution dedicated to solving specific tasks related to Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) development, such as matching performance requirements, lowering fuel consumption, emissions, CO2 and optimizing the engines thermal management.

Thermal & Energy Management

he overall complexity of the powertrain has significantly increased with the need to understand the detailed interaction of the individual sub-systems across a range of attributes. Improving fuel economy while reducing pollutant emissions implies deep engineering investigation to optimize powertrain energy management strategies, and ultimately how it impacts vehicle performance.

Enteknograte proposes a full-vehicle simulation approach provided by  3D CFD simulation tools, along with our engineering services capabilities, to enable full traceability of powertrain energy balance. Being able to have complete understanding of transmission performance and losses, engine air intake and in-cylinder combustion, engine thermal management strategies and the impact of all these subsystems choices on the global vehicle performance during integration is crucial.

Strength and Durability Analysis

In order to achieve the aim of reducing weight for better performance and lower fuel consumption, component engineering of engines and powertrains continues to approach the limits of strength and durability. 

By combination of best in class CAE package, Enteknograte propose best solution for strength and durability analysis with various modeling depth levels ensuring accuracy according to stage in the development process. The solution comprises the whole analysis workflow from dynamic analysis of subsystems and entire powertrains up to stress and fatigue strength evaluation of powertrain components, Outstanding models of lubricated contacts (slider bearings, piston and piston rings) facilitate detailed investigations of the contact behavior, including the prediction of friction and wear.

Turbocharging Simulation

Turbocharging allows automakers to reduce engine size and emissions while continuing to deliver the power and performance consumers demand. To improve overall engine performance, reduce pollutant formation, optimize NVH and ensure component durability, Enteknograte combine advanced simulation tools offer exactly what is needed to design advanced pressure charging systems.

Our offering includes:

  • Aerodynamically develop and optimize turbine and compressor wheels for highly efficient charging devices
  • Design new turbochargers with engine matching at every design step
  • Change compressor and turbine sizes and predict the effect of these changes
  • Ensure best NVH behavior and maximum durability
  • Optimize Rotor Dynamics

Enteknograte use combination of advanced Finite Element Tools to investigates the dynamic stability of the rotor bearing system. The multi-body dynamic solution includes non-linear models to detect critical speeds and analyze the influence of full or semi-floating bushing configurations. For investigate and Minimize the Thermal Loads, Enteknograte use advanced CFD Tools for fast rotating systems to prediction of the thermal load of the turbine and compressor wheels as well as the turbocharger housing.

Injection Nozzle Development

Enteknograte use combination of advanced CFD Tools to the development and optimization of injection nozzles. With combination of a one-dimensional model typically represents the complete injection system from the fuel tank to the injector, 3D CFD Solver focuses on the three-dimensional calculation of the fluid flow inside the injection nozzle. 

This simulation capabilities enable virtual design of: Reduce cavitation and avoid erosion in injection nozzles Achieve higher engine-out performance and lower engine-out emissions Performance Counts. In an early engine design stage, fuel injection details, such as needle lift and inlet pressure level, are not known. Thus, a virtual prototyping environment, consisting of 1D and 3D fuel injection simulations is extremely valuable.

To get the maximum benefit out of 1D-3D coupling, models coupled in a co-simulation, with 3D CFD Model providing pressure forces on the injector needle and 1D model computing longitudinal and radial needle motion based on this information. This allows to calculate discharge rates more accurately and to precisely predict cavitation and erosion.

Simulation for Quenching: Virtual Heat Treatment Optimization​

Quenching is used in the production of cast or otherwise-produced metal components. In particular, immersion or direct quenching processes are widely adopted procedures in the automotive and aerospace industries to minimize the formation of undesirable thermal and transformational gradients, which may lead to increased distortion and cracking. The proposed method for simulation must accurately predict real-time quenching effects, local temperature gradients and the overall cooling history of complex quenched components.

Reduced Costs
Easier, earlier, quicker analysis enables design simplification, especially on unusual hull designs. Early design correction avoids costly rework in production.
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Quicker Delivery
Reduce project delays caused by late-emerging design changes and rework. Reduce contingency planning.
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Better Design Quality
Easier analysis workflow promotes more thorough design development.
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Reduce Project Risk
Begin construction work with increased confidence. Reduce the risks and contingencies in tackling unconventional designs.
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Automotive Engineering: Powertrain Component Development, NVH, Combustion and Thermal simulation, Abaqus, Ansys, Ls-dyna, Siemens Star-ccm Enteknograte
CFD Heat Transfer with Siemens Star-ccm+ and Ansys Fluent
Composite Crash Test Simulation FEA Ansys Abaqus Lsdyna Finite element
Geartrain Acoustic Simulation- MultiBody Dynamics and FEA Acoustic Solver
Motor and vehicle Thermal Design cooling performance CFD FEA Simulation Two way FSI internal Combustion engine

Considering complexity and needs to have new procedure and constitutive equation, we must try to develop new FEA and CFD based software to overcome engineering challenges.

FEA and CFD based Programming needs experience and deep knowledge in both Solid or fluid mechanics and programming language such as Matlab, Fortran, C++ and Python.

Enteknograte’s engineering team use advanced methodology and procedure in programming and correct constitutive equation in solid, fluid and multiphysics environment based on our clients needs.

We use subroutine’s with programming languages such as Fortan, C and Python in CFD and FEA sofware such as Abaqus, Ansys, Fluent and Star-ccm+ to add new capability and Constitutive equation.

Enteknograte use Mathematical Methods and Models for Engineering Simulation. We, focuses on numerical modelling and algorithms development for the solution of challenging problems in several engineering sectors specialized in the development of software for the numerical discretization of partial differential equations, linear algebra, optimization, data analysis, High Performance Computing for several engineering applications.

Together, we enable customers to reduce R&D costs and bring products to market faster, with confidence.

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We use advanced virtual engineering tools, supported by a team of technical experts, to global partners in different industries.

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Real world Simulation: Combination of experience and advanced analysis tools

Calling upon our wide base of in-house capabilities covering strategic and technical consulting, engineering, manufacturing ( Casting & Forming ) and analytical software development – we offer each of our clients the individual level of support they are looking for, providing transparency, time savings and cost efficiencies.
Enteknograte engineers participate in method development, advanced simulation work, software training and support. Over experiences in engineering consulting and design development, enables Enteknograte’s engineering team to display strong/enormous client focus and engineering experience. The Enteknograte team supports engineering communities to leverage CFD-FEA simulation softwares and methodologies. It leads to the creation of tailored solutions, aligned with the overall product development process of Enteknograte clients.

CAE Simulation: CFD, FEA, System Modeling, 1D-3D coupling

Integrated expertise covering every vehicle component analysis. From concept through to manufacture and product launch, and for new designs or vehicle modifications, we provide engineering simulation expertise across projects of all sizes. Simulation has become a key enabling factor in the development of highly competitive and advanced powertrain systems. CAE methods play a vital role in defining new powertrain concepts from hybrid to pure electric vehicles.

metal forming simulation: ansys abaqus simufact forming
Metal Forming Simulation
Automotive Engineering: Powertrain Component Development, NVH, Combustion and Thermal simulation, Abaqus, Ansys, Ls-dyna, Siemens Star-ccm Enteknograte
Crash Test and Crashworthiness
Finite Element and CFD Based Simulation of Casting esi procast
Casting Simulation
Additive Manufacturing: FEA Based Design and Optimization with Abaqus, ANSYS and Nastran
Additive Manufacturing
MultiObjective Design and Optimization of Turbomachinery: Ansys Fluent, Numeca fine turbo, Siemens star-ccm+, simulia abaqus, Ls-dyna, Matlab
Design of Turbomachinery
CFD Heat Thermal simulation: Abaqus, Ansys Fluent, Star-ccm+, Ls-dyna, Matlab
CFD Heat Transfer
Fluid Structure Interaction FSI with Ansys Abaqus, Fluent Star-ccm Comsol
Fluid Structure Interaction FEA CFD FSI Abaqus Ansys Comsol LS-dyna Wind Turbine Enteknograte
Fluid Strucure Interaction
Exhaust Acoustics and vibration: ESI va one, msc actran, abaqus, ansys, fluent, star-ccm , nastran
Acoustics & Vibration
Aerodynamic Simulation CFD Ansys Fluent Siemens Star-ccm+ Numeca xflow cradle
Aerodynamic Simulation
Ansys Fluent, Siemens Star-ccm+ Numeca fine , Avl Fire, Matlab
Combustion Simulation
Multiphase Flow Simulation Abaqus, Ansys, Fluent, Siemens Star-ccm+, Matlab
MultiPhase Flow Simulation
Fatigue Simulation Abaqus Ansys FE-Safe NCode Design Life FEA Finite Element Enteknograte
Creep & Fatigue
Multibody dynamics MBD Abaqus, Ansys Fluent, Star-ccm+, Ls-dyna, Matlab, fortran , C++, Python
Multi-Body Dynamics (MBD)
composite impact simulation , Comsol Abaqus, Ansys, Fluent, Siemens Star-ccm+, Aerospace and defenceMatlab, Fortran, Python CFD FEA
Composite Design
welding FEA Simulation Simufact Welding ESI Sysweld Abaqus Ansys Enteknograte
Welding Simulation
Optimization of Wind Turbine Composite Fracture Mechanic Damage Design Abaqus Ansys Finite Element CFD Enteknograte
Multi-Objective Optimization
CFD and FEA based Fortran, C++, Matlab and Python Programming
Advanced Fortran, C++, Matlab & Python Programming