Audio Device Design: Acoustic simulation for Sound Quality Analysis in Consumer Electronic Devices

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Audio device manufacturing companies experience extremely high product development costs due to repetitive and expensive physical testing. In addition to the need for extensive physical testing, the engineering process of audio devices is unique because the complete audio system must be tested. For example, a loudspeaker in a car door is not simply tested as a loudspeaker. The car interior must be taken into account, as the acoustic cavity behind the loudspeaker in the car will create vibration and will have an effect on sound quality. To mitigate these problems and reduce the number of physical tests, engineers in this industry are increasingly turning to acoustic simulation.

Audio Device Design Sound Quality Consumer Electronic AeroAcoustics Simulation MSC Actran ESI VA one abaqus ansys CFD, FEA, SEA & BEM
When designing an audio device, the most important thing for an engineer to consider is the quality of the sound. From loudspeakers to headsets, from hearing-aid devices to digital cameras the sound quality is of primary importance and shall be carefully evaluated while designing such applications. A set of predictive numerical tools are thus needed to efficiently design consumer audio appliance.
Enteknograte engineering team provides predictive simulation consultant and models to assess the vibro-acoustic performance of audio devices such as loudspeakers or headsets:
  • Visco-thermal loss effects in narrow complex ducts or slits;
  • Complex coupled vibro-acoustic modeling involving multiple and composite materials;
  • Aero-acoustic sources estimation due to background noise or cooling fan noise.
  • Sound radiation by vibrating structures such as speaker drivers;
  • Sound absorption within enclosures;
  • Leakage through enclosure walls;
  • Absorption by porous materials;
  • The properties of specific materials;
  • Sound propagation in narrow ports and cavities.
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Consumer Goods: AeroAcoustics and VibroAcoustics Simulation

  • System level noise and vibration models of refrigerators, dishwashers and washing machines
  • Flow induced noise and vibration in refrigerant lines
  • Noise, vibration and radiated noise of compressors
  • Optimize fan blade design to reduce aero-acoustic noise, including installation effects
  • Radiated noise and vibration from fan housing
  • Excitation from both rotating magnetic fields and flow noise in electric machines
  • Design machine casings for minimum noise and vibration transmission and radiation
  • Balance thermal and acoustic requirements of electronic equipment boxes
  • Optimize noise and vibration of laptops and servers
  • Directivity of loudspeaker designs and optimize driver geometry
Car Audio Device Design Sound Quality Consumer Electronic AeroAcoustics Simulation MSC Actran ESI VA one abaqus ansys CFD, FEA, SEA & BEM 2
Enteknograte offers a Virtual Engineering approach with CFD and FEA tools such as MSC Cradle, Ansys Fluent, StarCCM+  for flows simulation and FEA based Codes such as ABAQUS, Ansys, Nastran and LS-Dyna, encompassing the accurate prediction of in-service loads, the performance evaluation, and the integrity assessment including the influence of manufacturing the components. Dependent of problem, we use ESI VA-one and MSC Actran as acoustics solver