Finite Element and CFD Based Simulation of Casting

Using Sophisticated FEA and CFD technologies, Enteknograte Engineers can predict deformations and residual stresses and can also address more specific processes like investment casting, semi-solid modeling, core blowing, centrifugal casting, Gravity Casting (Sand / Permanent Mold / Tilt Pouring), Low Pressure Die Casting (LPDC), High Pressure Die Casting (HPDC), Centrifugal Casting and the continuous casting process. The metal casting simulation using FEA and CFD based technologies, enable us to address residual stresses, part distortion, microstructure, mechanical properties and defect detection include:

  • Solidification: Micro Porosity, Gas Porosity
  • Stress:  Hot Tears, Surface Cracks, Residual Stresses, Cold Cracks, Distortion, Die Fatigue
  • Metallurgy Specifications: Stray Grain, Freckle, Segregation, Distortion
  • Pouring: Misruns, Air Entrapment, Oxides, Surface Defects, Cold Shuts, Turbulences, Inclusions, Core Gases

Casting Simulation Software include: AutoCAST, CAPCAST, MAGMASoft, Nova-Solid/Flow, ProCAST and FLOW3D Cast. Our base softwares for casting simulation is ESI ProCast, MAGMASoft and Flow 3D Cast.

With deep knowledge in Finite Element and CFD based Simulation Technologies, Enteknograte Engineers can predict evaluations of the entire casting process, including filling and solidification defects, mechanical properties and complex part distortion. It enables you to understand the effects of design changes and provides a basis for correct decision-making, from the earliest stages of the manufacturing process and optimize your time and cost.

Advanced Technology

We resolve any type Casting with the most detailed and accurate methodology

Reduce Development Cost

Enteknograte FEA and CFD service enables you to ensure the Casting cost optimiziation of parts in the design phase

Test Before Manufacturing

Applied from early on in the part design phase, we can investigate the part casting detail and quality

Casting Processes:

Casting Simulation Features: