Simulation of Plasma Based Devices: Microwave Plasma and RF Plasma Analysis with Coupling Particle in Cell (PIC), MHD, CFD and FEA Solvers

Enteknograte is in cooperation with PLASMA DYNAMICS, for using advanced electromagnetic FEA, CFD and particle-in-cell (PIC) codes, designed for executing multi-scale, plasma physics simulations to design, optimize and manufacturing of complicated multiphysics in Plasma industry. PLASMA DYNAMICS is one of the innovative and leaders of Plasma related Physics and Manufacturer of advanced Plasma based machinery for Plasma Propulsion engine and Plasma Cracking & Treatment. Based on the problem and its detail, we use special commercial code or even develop new codes and subroutines to capture the interaction between charged particles (electrons and ions) and external and self-generated electric and magnetic fields.

Enteknograte engineers use combination of advanced numerical simulation FEA-CFD tools in conjunction with System Level simulation in a variety of industrial applications, including Automotive, Aerospace, Consumer Goods, Heavy Equipment, Marine, Medical Equipment, Off-highway, Offshore, Oil & Gas, Sporting Goods and Wind Energy: With our experience in FEA and CFD and using advanced method for Real World Simulation including FEA Simulation of ElectroMagnetic Field, Our customers could go beyond over design and minimize the cost and in the same time have a special product with maximum safety factor.





FEA and CFD Based Simulation Design Analysis Virtual prototyping MultiObjective Optimization

Consulting Services

We provide consulting services for the modeling and simulation of plasma and other flow systems. we combine expertise in physics, Numerical computing, big data processing, automation, and management. Our people are truly motivated experts, passionate about science. Our consulting services utilize our specialized domain expertise in plasma, reactive flows and surface chemistry mechanism development and integration with multi-dimensional flow and plasma systems.

Particle in Cell PIC CFD MHD Plasma Simulation Ansys Simulia CST VSIM USIM Comsol Tracking

Physical Testing & Prototyping

Our advanced Testing & Prototyping services complement Multiphysics simulation analyses through vibration measurements, strain gauge applications, failure investigations, and validate modeling parameters with testing data.

Plasma Dynamics Group Particle in Cell PIC CFD MHD Plasma Simulation Ansys Simulia CST VSIM USIM Comsol Tracking

Research & Development in Plasma Technologies

Plasma Propulsion Engine | Microwave Plasma Treatment | Cracking | Plasma Filter

Plasma Dynamics

We are the translation of advanced science to Real in hand technologies

Physical Testing, Prototyping & Manufacturing

Research, Development, Improvement, Design, realization, production of a prototype and industrial sample

 By very powerful team, which includes professors, young scientists and engineers with extensive experience in this field, we will be able to provide the high-quality research, development, improvement and design for any types of Electric Rocket Propulsion Systems. Connections and scientific cooperation with various universities in this industry, give us a great opportunity to find a solution to even the most complex problems associated with Electric Rocket Propulsion Systems. We have great experience to realization and production of a prototypes for further research and improvement and data monitoring.


Special attention will be required to develop a “plasma filter”, a specific reactor in which the plasma-forming gas is actually synthesis gas, which, being ionized, forms a high temperature field (1500 °C – 4000 °C), which effectively decomposes all complex compounds (Resine, catrami, molecole aromatici etc.).

Our technology is based on the basic properties of microwave plasma, which make it possible to very effectively act on a number of carbon-containing substances, including gaseous ones, from the point of view of their destruction. The use of microwave plasma makes it possible to achieve average operating temperatures about 2500 0C. The use of equipment “plasma filter” for cleaning flue gases by microwave plasma destruction seems to be very effective for various power generating, processing enterprises and industries.

Ansys EMA3D Charge/Cable: Electromagnetic Interference, Radiation Ionization Effects in Spacecraft, Electrostatic Discharge, Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (PE-CVD)

Charged particles and their non-linear discharge characteristics have been especially difficult to model and simulate accurately. Ansys EMA3D Charge provides the capabilities needed to simulate and predict charged plasma behaviors with particle-in-cell (PIC) solver technology. By engaging simulation with the parallelized PIC solver of EMA3D Charge, you can visualize, predict, and monitor plasma behavior accurately and speedily

Electromagnetic Multiphysics FEA & CFD Based Simulation

Enteknograte Finite Element Electromagnetic Field simulation solution which uses the highly accurate finite element solvers and methods such as Ansys Maxwell, Simulia Opera, Simulia CST, JMAG, Cedrat FLUX, Siemens MAGNET and COMSOL to solve static, frequency-domain, and time-varying electromagnetic and electric fields includes a wide range of solution types for a complete design flow for your electromagnetic and electromechanical devices in different industries.

Ansys HFSS: Multipurpose High Frequency Electromagnetic Field Simulator for RF, Microwave and Wireless Design

Ansys HFSS is a 3D electromagnetic (EM) simulation software for designing and simulating high-frequency electronic products such as antennas, antenna arrays, RF or microwave components, high-speed interconnects, filters, connectors, IC packages and printed circuit boards. Engineers worldwide use Ansys HFSS software to design high-frequency, high-speed electronics found in communications systems, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), satellites, and internet-of-things (IoT) products.

Ansys Maxwell: Low-Frequency Electromagnetic Simulation

Ansys Maxwell is an electromagnetic field solver for electric machines, transformers, wireless charging, permanent magnet latches, actuators, and other electromechanical devices. It solves static, frequency-domain and time-varying magnetic and electric fields. Maxwell also offers specialized design interfaces for electric machines and power converters. It includes 3-D/2-D magnetic transient, AC electromagnetic, magnetostatic, electrostatic, DC conduction and electric transient solvers to accurately solve for field parameters including force, torque, capacitance, inductance, resistance and impedance.

Ansys Chemkin-Pro: Chemistry Simulation Software

Effective simulation is critical for cost-effective designs and gets your product to market faster. Ansys Chemkin-Pro continues to push the sustainability envelope with a Plasma Multiphase Perfectly Stirred Reactor (PSR) to predict plasma-water processes with an accurate prediction of carbon-free ammonia production and removal of toxic substances. It covers accurate end-to-end workflow to simulate Zel’dovich/von Neumann/Döring (ZND) explosive detonations with enhancements in the treatment of the incident shock speed in the shock model.

Integrated Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning - Deep Learning with CFD & FEA Simulation

Machine learning is a method of data analysis that automates analytical model building. It is a branch of Artificial Intelligence based on the idea that systems can learn from data, identify patterns and make decisions with minimal human intervention. With Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications in CAE, that is Mechanical Engineering and FEA and CFD Simulations as design tools, our CAE engineers evaluate the possible changes (and limits) coming from Machine learning, whether Deep Learning (DL), or Support vector machine (SVM) or even Genetic algorithms to specify definitive influence in some optimization problems and the solution of complex systems.