Finite Element Simulation of Braided Composites

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With braided composites, the reinforcement does not need to be cut to shape from a roll and laid down onto the mold. It is directly braided around a mandrel which has the shape of the part to be made. This speeds up the manufacturing process but requires a dedicated equipment. This process further makes it possible to produce more complex parts which, however, are limited to convex shapes and hollow profiles.

Braided Composites simulation finite element Abaqus ansys msc Marc nastran digimat ls-dyna comsol
Composite simulation finite element Abaqus ansys msc Marc nastran ls-dyna comsol

Enteknograte have strong capabilities for the designing and simulation of braided composite materials and structures using combination of advanced FEA and optimization tools based on advanced models which are capable of considering the underlying yarn structure and braiding pattern including yarns going across multiple layers and inlays.

Just as for the woven composites, material modeling can be performed fully nonlinear, temperature and strain rate dependent. Failure is derived from the microscopic responses in the material resulting in a realistic description of the experimentally observed strengths.

What Enteknograte do with FEA Based Simulation Design in Composite Material Engineering:

  • Multi-scale analyses to predict the nonlinear microstructure behavior of plastic & composite materials & structures
  • Speeds up the development process for composite materials and structures
  • Perform detailed analyses of materials on the microstructure level
  • Derive microstructure material models suited for multi-scale coupling of the micro- and macroscopic level
  • Bridges the gap between manufacturing and performance
  • Understand Thermal, Thermo-Mechanical and Electrical behaviour of New Material
  • Crash Performance simulation
  • Fatigue and Creep assessment of Composite and New Material
  • Acoustic and Vibration analysis before Manufacturing
  • Stiffness and Strength properties
  • Process simulation: Injection and compression molding, drape molding, RTM, etc.
  • Industries: Aerospace, Automotive, Consumer Electronics, Material Suppliers, etc.

CAE softwares: MSC software (Digimat, Marc, Nastran), Abaqus, Altair, ANSYS, Autodesk Moldflow, LS-Dyna, PAM-CRASH, RADIOSS and SAMCEF.

Digimat Composite simulation finite element Abaqus ansys msc Marc nastran ls-dyna comsol 2