Composites Fatigue Finite Element Simulation

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The Composite Analysis allows us to evaluate the strength of a structure against industry standard composite failure criteria. Rather than limiting this evaluation to a small number of load cases or steps, stresses can be assessed by using the chosen failure criteria throughout realistic duty cycles (quasi-static or dynamic). This allows critical locations, load combinations and associated design reserve factors to be readily identified. In addition, selected location loading paths may be visually compared with the material failure envelope.

composite fatigue aerospace fea simulation CFRP, Short Fibers, Sandwich and HoneyComb Nastran, Marc, Abaqus, ANSYS, LS-DYNA, PAM-CRASH

Progressive failure simulation in composite parts toward Fatigue and Durability analysis including anisotropic, heterogeneous and viscous material properties for failure behavior.

One of the most challenging tasks of design and development process is prediction of failure over time. Without knowledge of how a structure might fail, it is harder to improve its safety performance. Durability analysis from finite element models is becoming increasingly accepted in the design process.

The structural durability of a component is one of the most expensive attributes to test, thus one of the most appealing for CAE. Fatigue modeling of chopped and continuous fiber polymer composites is challenging due to their anisotropic, heterogeneous and viscous material properties as well as their process-dependent microstructure. For simulation of high cycle fatigue (HCF) of fiber reinforced composites we use FEA tools Like VirtualLab Durability, nCode DesignLife , MSC CAEFatigue and FE-SAFE.

composite Fatigue digimat fe safe abaqus ansys caefatigue ncode Simulation Finite element FEA 2

Based on what we want to Design and Analysis, Stress, Strain or temperature from finite element (FE) software such as ANSYS, ABAQUS, NASTRAN, LS-Dyna, MSC Marc etc used. This FEA (Finite Element Analysis) must contain correspond simulation step detail based on what we want to do in Fatigue Simulation. Enteknograte engineers use different methodology for each specific industrial and research fields and multiphysics. MSC CAEFatigue, Ansys Ncode, Simulia FE-Safe and FEMFAT are our fatigue analysis tools. With the Fatigue analysis, we can:

  •  Correct for mean stress and surface finish effects
  •  Determine a scale or fatigue concentration factor required to achieve a target life
  •  Review damage histograms to determine which load cycles were most damaging
  •  Output damage time histories to show exactly when the damage occurred

Fatigue simulation is used for many types of durability analysis:

  • High-cycle (S-N) Stress-Life fatigue
  • Low-cycle (E-N) Strain-Life fatigue
  • Neuber and other plasticity correction methods
  • Crack initiation and growth using Paris
  • “Hot spot” identification
  • Deformation and damage analysis
  • Virtual strain gauge for test-analysis correlation
  • Damage accumulation using Palmgren-Miner
  • Fatigue of Rotating Systems
  • Vibration fatigue using random loading
  • Spot and seam weld analysis
  • Classic “weld classification” approach to fatigue
  • Material failure predictions
  • Non-proportional, multiaxial stress states
  • Multiple simultaneous loads and multiple events allowed
  • Safety factor analyses
composite damage fracture aerospace fea simulation CFRP, Short Fibers, Sandwich and HoneyComb Nastran, Marc, Abaqus, ANSYS, LS-DYNA, PAM-CRASH