Coupled Multibody Dynamics & Control Systems

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Mechanical systems such as lift systems, cargo equipment, arresting systems, etc. have large loads that are difficult and expensive to determine via physical testing. Multibody Dynamics (MBD) analysis enables us to determine loads and improve the motion of such mechanical systems. Traditional MBD assumes that structural members are fully rigid, but with coupled using of FEA and MBD software such as Ansys, Abaqus, Simpack and MSC Adams, the structural members may be modeled with flexibility and improves the accuracy of MBD.

Coupling Multibody Dynamics & Control Systems may be used to: supply loads for a subsequent structural analysis; provide load histories for fatigue analysis; couple with controls simulation such as MSC Easy5, Matlab and Simulink to further improve the performance of mechanical systems while complementing and even reducing the number of physical prototypes.
Controls are essential to operating systems such as air management systems, flight controls, and landing gear extension/retraction systems. Controls simulation allows us to predict the performance of controls subjected to numerous configurations. With controls simulation, the complexity of a controls system can be expressed in an easy to understand schematic form and the necessary differential equations used to define the system can be solved.

Coupled MBD & Control Systems used for:

  • Thermal hydraulics: actuation systems, power shift transmission systems, anti-lock braking systems, landing gear, fuel injection systems, active suspension systems, lubrication systems
  • Gas dynamics: pneumatics, propulsion, sterilization, air and steam cycles, high-pressure gas, gas transmission, adsorption, gas phase reactions, HVAC, ECS, multi-species gaseous systems
  • Multiphase fluids: refrigeration, air-conditioning, climate control, cryogenic piping networks, steam/water systems, or fuel systems with exotic, volatile fluids
  • Systems control hardware and software evaluation (data acquisition sampling rates, asynchronous communication, analog and digital electronic filters, control loop execution rates, network (CAN) bus communication, etc.)
  • Electrical systems: AC/DC machines, power electronics, batteries, etc.
  • Detailed and accurate plant modeling for flight dynamics and many other physical systems
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Enteknograte offers a Virtual Engineering approach with FEA tools such as MSC Softwrae(Simufact, Digimat, Nastran, MSC APEX, Actran Acoustic solver), ABAQUS, Ansys, and LS-Dyna, encompassing the accurate prediction of in-service loads, the performance evaluation, and the integrity assessment including the influence of manufacturing the components.
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