Power Transformer: Finite Element Based Design

FEA & CFD Based Simulation Design Analysis Virtual prototyping MultiObjective Optimization

Problems associated with power transformers are not only related to design matters such as satisfying basic characteristics, but also includes many issues related to testing and maintenance such as magnetic flux leakage accompanying increased capacity causes localized stray loss in the tank. A coil’s dielectric strength needs to be verified by a local maximum electric field. The part arrangement between core and coil or magnetic flux distribution also has an effect on vibration caused by the electromagnetic force.

Power Transformer Electromagnetic Finite Element Simulation CFD Ansys Maxwell Comsol simulia CST Opera JMAG msc marc
FEA (Finite Element) based Design and simulation enables us to visualization of the phenomena and ease in moving forward with analyzing causes. It also makes possible quantitative evaluations of magnetic saturation, eddy current, induced voltage, stray loss, iron loss, magnetostrictive force, power, efficiency, temperature and the electric fields noise where measurement is difficult.


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Enteknograte Finite Element Electromagnetic Field simulation solution which uses the highly accurate finite element solvers and methods such as Ansys Maxwell, Simulia CST & Opera, JMAG, Cedrat FLUX, Siemens MAGNET and COMSOL to solve static, frequency-domain, time-varying electromagnetic and electric fields includes a wide range of solution types for a complete design flow for your electromagnetic and electromechanical devices in different industries.