Induction Heating Multiphysics Simulation

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Induction heating is the technology based on the eddy current, and it becomes a key issue for design to control the eddy current accurately used in quenching and shrink fitting through to the design of home appliances as in Induction cooking system. However, since the eddy current depends on factors such as geometry, material characteristics, frequency, and temperature, its behavior is complicated. Such complicity makes it difficult to appropriately control the quantity and location of eddy current.

With using advanced Simulation tools, we could correctly reproduces and visualizes the induction-heating phenomenon and related parameters such as temperature distribution, heat generation density distribution, eddy current distribution within the work piece, current density distribution inside of wires, magnetic flux density, flux line, heating efficiency, input power, heat source, electromagnetic force, that changes intricately, and realizes the optimal design for various purposes using induction heating.
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