Electrical Motor Design: Electromagnetic Finite Element Analysis

FEA & CFD Based Simulation Design Analysis Virtual prototyping MultiObjective Optimization

Our accumulated knowledge and experience in motor design enables us to provide powerful multiphysics simulation simulation technologies to evaluate complex phenomena such as thermal demagnetization and vibration in addition to basic characteristics such as induced voltage, torque, and inductance. Obtain induced voltage, load torque, cogging torque, inductance, flux linkage, iron losses, coil losses, magnet loss, permeance, parameter sensitivity, equivalent circuit model extraction, heat generation, temperature distribution, eccentricity, stress, vibrations, radiated sound, magnetization, demagnetization, and skew effects for different of motors:
  • Brushless Permanent Magnet machine (BLPM)
  • Induction (or Asynchronous) machine (IM)
  • Wound Synchronous machine (SM)
  • Switched Reluctance machine (SRM)
  • Synchronous Reluctance machine
  • Permanent Magnet External Rotor
The advantages of Enteknograte simulation service and consultant to electric machine analysis that still face new demands for higher performance deriving further performance gains requires finite element analysis (FEA) to identify previously overlooked or underestimated aspects of machine design.
These demands have increased competition among machine designers to extract the most performance from a design. With coupling electromagnetic field solver and CFD/FEA, it is available to easily  analyze complex coupled-physics behaviors such as stress and strain feedback on magnetic properties, EM fluids, acoustics and vibroacoustics.
Electrical Motor Design: Electromagnetic Finite Element Analysis Acoustic NVH & jmag cedrat flux maxwell Vibro-Acoustics Simulation MSC Actran ESI VA one abaqus ansys CFD, FEA, SEA & BEM


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Enteknograte Finite Element Electromagnetic Field simulation solution which uses the highly accurate finite element solvers and methods such as Ansys Maxwell, Simulia CST & Opera, JMAG, Cedrat FLUX, Siemens MAGNET and COMSOL to solve static, frequency-domain, time-varying electromagnetic and electric fields includes a wide range of solution types for a complete design flow for your electromagnetic and electromechanical devices in different industries.