Electric Motors Cooling: Finite Element & CFD based Multiphysics simulation

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Our FEA and CFD based multiphysics simulation design provides electronics cooling simulation products for chip, package and board thermal analysis as well as thermo-mechanical stress analysis. Multiphysics simulation tools help our customers to enhance reliability of the entire electronic system by managing excessive heat that can otherwise lead to increasing leakage and electromigration failure. Electric motors cooling becomes critical as we want to move to higher power, high-efficiency equipment.

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Excess heat is produced that can greatly reduce efficiency and in extreme cases, permanent magnets can even reach their limit and become demagnetized.  For such calculation we analyze the power losses and then use this information for a detailed thermal analysis. These results are used to predict the temperature rise within the motor configuration based on given operating conditions and to determine appropriate electric motor cooling mechanisms using advanced FEA and CFD based Thermal simulation tools. Many different forms of electric motor cooling can be simulated, including:

  • Natural or forced air cooling
  • Water cooling
  • Spray cooling


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Enteknograte Finite Element Electromagnetic Field simulation solution which uses the highly accurate finite element solvers and methods such as Ansys Maxwell, Simulia CST & Opera, JMAG, Cedrat FLUX, Siemens MAGNET and COMSOL to solve static, frequency-domain, time-varying electromagnetic and electric fields includes a wide range of solution types for a complete design flow for your electromagnetic and electromechanical devices in different industries.