Thermal Management in Buildings: HVAC/Climate Control Analysis

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Thermal management is vital to the design of buildings, as building designers need to consider heat and moisture variations in building components. We use the Heat Transfer to analyze thermal management in wooden frames, window frames, porous building materials, and other building components. Enteknograte’s engineering team analyze water condensation and evaporation on building surfaces, heat and moisture storage, latent heat effects, as well as diffusion and convective transport of moisture and eddy-based turbulent mixing for heat and moisture transport in air with using advanced CFD and FEA tools such as MSC Cradle, Siemens Star-ccm+, Ansys Fluent, Abaqus and Nastran.

HVAC/Climate Control Analysis

Climate control systems are often subjected to different thermal loads and require a conjugate heat transfer analysis. Most of systems have both environmental loads and electric dissipation loads and the purpose of many climate control systems is human thermal comfort. With using advanced Thermal analysis tools we can test the efficacy of passive thermal designs and energy-saving devices, without sacrificing human comfort. Enteknograte provides both system-level and building-level analysis. From study of a window design to a full system analysis of HVAC loading requirements, our experience and efficiency are leveraged to a cost-effective solution.

Heating ventilation air conditioning (HVAC) Architects Civil engineering CFD FEA siemens Star-ccm ansys fluent msc cradle 2
Heating ventilation air conditioning (HVAC) Architects Civil engineering CFD FEA siemens Star-ccm ansys fluent msc cradle 2

Climate Control System Design

Enteknograte engineers place virtual buildings, vehicles, and human models into simulated natural environments with specific global positions, real weather data, and, in some cases, virtual human thermal models. Simulating the total energy balance of the building or vehicle over time, including the performance of the climate control system, we predict the temperatures of the exterior and interior spaces.

The temperatures of the human body segments and body core are simulated in response to the building or vehicle environment, including solar transmission through windows onto the human model. The results of such analyses allow improvements to thermal performance of engineered systems with lower energy consumption by HVAC systems.


We pride ourselves on empowering each client to overcome the challenges of their most demanding projects.

Enteknograte offers a Virtual Engineering approach with FEA tools such as MSC Softwrae(Simufact, Digimat, Nastran, MSC APEX, Actran Acoustic solver), ABAQUS, Ansys, and LS-Dyna, encompassing the accurate prediction of in-service loads, the performance evaluation, and the integrity assessment including the influence of manufacturing the components.
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