Metal Forming Process: Open Die Forging Finite Element Simulation

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Open die forging is used for large and critical products which cannot be forged by basic forging processes due to high deformation load or massive dimensions. Technological processes of open die forging are applied to produce individual, low-volume parts for die blocks, rings for further rolling, blanks of crankshafts for marine engines and other large parts requiring the characteristics and durability of a forging.

Open Die Forging Abaqus Ansys Msc MARC Simufact Nastran ls-dyna FEA Finite element 3

The shape of the workpiece does not result from the shape of the dies used, but from repeated local forming with geometrically simple dies that are typically moved relative to the workpiece. The shape of the workpiece is created incrementally, i.e. step by step. Usually, this is done when hot forging very large components for the machine and plant building industries, or for the densification of casted ingots. Open die forging is also used where shaping dies cannot be used for economic reasons. For special component shapes, techniques such as rotary swaging processes are used during cold forming of large production volumes.

When designing open die forging processes, the pass schedule, including possible intermediate heating, must be planned in such a way as to reach the required final geometry and the required material properties with as little effort as possible. High performance materials such as titanium and nickel based alloys can only be forged within a narrow temperature range.
Open Die Forging Abaqus Ansys Msc MARC Simufact Nastran ls-dyna FEA Finite element 3
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