HVAC Design for Ships and Offshore Structures

FEA & CFD Based Simulation Design Analysis Virtual prototyping MultiObjective Optimization

HVAC manufacturers are responding to ongoing pressure from vessel builders to develop durable and robust systems that are smaller, lighter, quieter, and provide higher capacity and efficiency. Large complex HVAC projects in the offshore and marine industries are fraught with numerous challenges related to health and safety, logistics, economics, quality assurance and overall performance.

HVAC Design for Ships and Offshore Structures CFD BIM MSC Cradle Ansys Fluent Siemens Star-ccm+

Maximize HVAC productivity and construction quality with our next-gen software for designing HVAC equipment and systems for ships and offshore structures. Improve total enterprise productivity through the seamless integration with digital manufacturing solutions to ensure optimal manufacturing and assembly. Design, size and evaluate the performance of HVAC system architectures to deliver safer, greener and more comfortable ships, faster.

Marine ship CFD Msc Cradle Ansys Fluent Siemens Star-ccm+
Enteknograte offers a Virtual Engineering approach with CFD and FEA tools such as Ansys Fluent, StarCCM+  for flows simulation and FEA based Codes such as ABAQUS, Ansys, Nastran and LS-Dyna, encompassing the accurate prediction of in-service loads, the performance evaluation, and the integrity assessment including the influence of manufacturing the components.