Structural Dynamics: Coupling CFD, MBD, FEA and 1D Systems Simulation Software

FEA & CFD Based Simulation Design Analysis Virtual prototyping MultiObjective Optimization

Our structural dynamics simulation methods focus on evaluating components in high-stress, high-performance environments. Combining multiple simulation methods, we create a methodology, comprehensive multiphysics simulation that ensures product safety while saving you time and money. Enteknograte’s experts work with you to design the ideal simulation regime for your components and products, in every stage of your component lifecycle

Aerostructure: Combining CFD-FEA and 1D-3D multi-objective modeling

Enteknograte provides a complete solution for aero-structure that addresses multi-disciplinary domains and engineering challenges combining CFD-FEA and 1D-3D multi-objective modeling.

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Adams Aero-structure fea simulation anasys abaqus nastran hexagon msc vibration mbd

Engine FEA and CFD based Simulation in Aerospace industry: Combustion, Fatigue, Aerodynamics, AeroAcoustics, Heat Transfer

We have experience developing complex high fidelity finite element models to facilitate predictive virtual testing including wings, engines and aircraft interiors. In addition, we could simulate vulnerability events such as: Bird strike, Tire burst, Ditching, Passenger safety and Impact events.

Minimum Weight Design

The increase in global competition and environmental awareness has necessitated the development of optimum weight aerospace structures. Aligning our expertise of using optimization technology to determine minimum weight metallic or composite structures, we have been instrumental in pioneering the establishment of Optimization Centers at major aerospace OEMs.

Aerostructures Simulation include:


We pride ourselves on empowering each client to overcome the challenges of their most demanding projects.

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