Turbocharging Simulation

FEA & CFD Based Simulation Design Analysis Virtual prototyping MultiObjective Optimization

Turbocharging allows automakers to reduce engine size and emissions while continuing to deliver the power and performance consumers demand. To improve overall engine performance, reduce pollutant formation, optimize NVH and ensure component durability, Enteknograte combine advanced simulation tools offer exactly what is needed to design advanced pressure charging systems.

Simulation Based Design of Turbocharger

  1. Aerodynamically develop and optimize turbine and compressor wheels for highly efficient charging devices
  2. Design new turbochargers with engine matching at every design step
  3. Change compressor and turbine sizes and predict the effect of these changes
  4. Ensure best NVH behavior and maximum durability
  5. Optimize Rotor Dynamics

Enteknograte use combination of advanced Finite Element Tools to investigates the dynamic stability of the rotor bearing system.

The multi-body dynamic solution includes non-linear models to detect critical speeds and analyze the influence of full or semi-floating bushing configurations.

For investigate and Minimize the Thermal Loads, Enteknograte use advanced CFD Tools for fast rotating systems to prediction of the thermal load of the turbine and compressor wheels as well as the turbocharger housing.


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