Strength and Durability Analysis

FEA & CFD Based Simulation Design Analysis Virtual prototyping MultiObjective Optimization

In order to achieve the aim of reducing weight for better performance and lower fuel consumption, component engineering of engines and powertrains continues to approach the limits of strength and durability.

FE Based Fatigue, Durability & Random Response Solution

By combination of best in class CAE package, Enteknograte propose best solution for strength and durability analysis with various modeling depth levels ensuring accuracy according to stage in the development process.
The solution comprises the whole analysis workflow from dynamic analysis of subsystems and entire powertrains up to stress and fatigue strength evaluation of powertrain components, Outstanding models of lubricated contacts (slider bearings, piston and piston rings) facilitate detailed investigations of the contact behavior, including the prediction of friction and wear.

Vibration fatigue analysis in time domain Finite Element Simulation with MSC CAEFatigue, Ansys Ncode, Simulia FE-Safe and FEMFAT
Spot Weld, Seam Weld Vibration fatigue analysis in time frequency domain

Fatigue Calculations at Welds in the Frequency and Time Domains

Physical testing for all possible failure scenarios can be cost prohibitive. Durability analysis from finite element models is becoming increasingly accepted in the design process. The analysis is no longer limited to fatigue life calculations - output can now include safe working stresses, warranty claim curves, and the effects of high temperatures, manufacturing processes and assembly stresses.

Innovative Design and Virtual Test

  • High-cycle (S-N) Stress-Life fatigue
  • Low-cycle (E-N) Strain-Life fatigue
  • Neuber and other plasticity correction methods
  • Crack initiation and growth using Paris
  • “Hot spot” identification
  • Deformation and damage analysis
  • Virtual strain gauge for test-analysis correlation
  • Damage accumulation
  • Fatigue of Rotating Systems
  • Vibration fatigue using random loading
  • Spot and seam weld analysis
  • Classic “weld classification” approach to fatigue
  • Material failure predictions
  • Non-proportional, multiaxial stress states
  • Multiple simultaneous loads and multiple events
  • Safety factor analyses
Vibration fatigue analysis in time domain2


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